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STERK-WATER = Eline de Jong

Graduated in 2012 from the Academy for Art, Design & Communication Cum Laude in Tilburg. In addition, she received her certificate at Fontys for the minor Communication & Multimedia Design. Eline is a perfectionist who tackles everything with both hands. She likes to work with other people and works most of the time in project context.

Her passion is the “visual image” in both moving and still image. During her study she focused on film and photography, but in addition she also has her organizational skills to good use. For example, with a short film that was completely self-written, produced and directed by Eline.

At the moment Eline is working as a freelancer in video and photography and besides that as a teacher at the Fontys School of Arts


STERK-WATER logo designed by Coco Broeken  //  //  Texts written by Ton Sieben


Pleuni van Hulten – Yoga teacher

“She made all my Guerilla Yoga videos and photos, and there is a reason why…”

Chelsea Foreman – Singer

“She’s able to capture the most beautiful aspects of artists in super creative photos and films and the most important thing for me: Eline is super nice, cool and professional and a super to work with!
Too bad there’s no 10 star option ;-)”

Ton Sieben – Writer

“She’s awesome”

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About Sterk-Water

Eline de Jong

Eline de Jong

Eline is a perfectionist who tackles everything with both hands. She likes to work with other people and works most of the time in project context. Her passion is the “visual image” in both moving and still image.

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